Every road leading
to Kisköre crosses
a bridge over some
surface of water.

The reservoir has been fully conquered by nature in the past decades: nearly 50 species of fish inhabited the area or were introduced here by the specialists. The diversity, layout and variable water depth of the lake are ideal for the fish indigenous to Hungary. Carp, northern pike, zander, asp and wels catfish are only a few from the fish species dwelling in the lake.

Kisköre provides fishers with extraordinary opportunities also within the Lake Tisza region. Except for only a 600-metre-long area, the town is surrounded by water from every direction.

A perfect four-season fishing paradise!

Besides Lake Tisza, the Downstream and the Jászság Main Channel are also located at the town borders, so different fishing methods may be used at various types of water. The variable conditions and the fishing spots make the shores near the town a perfect four-season fishing paradise, offering excellent fishing opportunities to the lovers of fishing.

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