As the view of the lake changes almost from kilometre to kilometre, the beaches on the lakeside also vary. The beaches renovated and renewed in the past couple of years are waiting for those longing for a swim or spending time on the beach. The Ring-a-tó Kisköre Beach is a place at Lake Tisza where you can enjoy tranquillity and find harmony; a place that is both new yet well-known, where you can recharge after the stressful weekdays.

In recent years, it has been completely renewed and renovated, and it welcomes those who want to bathe and go to the beach.

Visitors to Kisköre can enjoy peace of mind and relax at the lakeside offering numerous opportunities. Thanks to the proximity of the living River Tisza, regarding its quality, the water of the lake is purer compared to that of the other beaches of the lake. The 200-metre lakeside is getting deeper gradually which makes Ring-a-tó Beach an ideal place to swim for families. There is a constant effort to provide beach-goers with an increasingly better experience: the lakeside of the beach is being continuously renewed. Ring-a-tó is a popular beach among families as several services are available free of charge after purchasing the entry ticket:

·       a nursery room
·       showers and changing rooms
·       a shadowed playground 
·       a jetty for sunbathing

Ring-a-tó Strand, Kisköre, Tisza-tó

Those wishing to explore Lake Tisza by water may rent equipment from the Ring-a-tó Water Sports Equipment Rental according to their needs.

Ring-a-tó Strand, Kisköre, Tisza-tó

The following renting services are available in the territory of the beach:

·       water sports equipment rental (SUP, canoe, boat)
·       bicycle rental
·       sunbed rental
·       speedboat rental
·       bike renting

The Ring-a-tó Bistro, the beach buffet, the beach bar and ice-cream shop as well as the Piaggo bar on the dam offer culinary delights and gastronomic adventures. 

You can find it here: