Boating holidays date back nearly 50 years. However, it is a new form of relaxing and recreation in Hungary introduced by the largest passenger shipping company in the country, MAHART – at first at Lake Tisza and on the upper river.

We can drop anchor at a beach or in the middle of the lake and enjoy the proximity of nature and water from sunrise to sunset.

From the base for boating holidays established in Kisköre we can explore the hidden corners of the lake by engine-powered boats and admire the wildlife from an entirely new perspective. Moreover, the boats also provide comfortable accommodation, so we can stay aboard even for days if we wish.  We can anchor at a beach or in the middle of the lake, and enjoy the proximity of the nature and the water from sunrise till sunset. The boatmasters among the passengers do not need a licence to pilot the holiday boats and the slow-moving motorboats make it possible to have an independent holiday on the permitted water area suitable for boating holidays during the holiday boat season from spring to autumn.

Boat-renting visitors can enjoy the numerous sights and natural experiences. By visiting the ports established along the lake, the values of the lake and the nearby settlements can also be explored.

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